Alessandro Abdala

Alessandro Abdala

Alessandro Abdala is a researcher in the field of Cultural History and nature photographer. As a researcher he has became a deep knower of the ancient region of "Julgado do Desemboque", town of Sacramento and "Serra Canastra", where he acts as a guide on trips to observe the unique fauna and flora inside and around the National Park of Serra da Canastra.

His passion for photography, which is old, enhanced with the desire to record the natural beauties and the forms of wildlife he has always observed. The passion for birds has merged with photographic techniques to produce images that portray the "Cerrado Mineiro" fauna diversity.

In 2010, with a picture of Chestnut-capped Foliage-gleaner (Hylocryptus rectirostris), endemic bird from the gallery forests of Cerrado, he has won first place in the Special Prize category - Vox Populi, the 4th Avistar Contest / Itau Brazilian birds, the largest competition of this kind in Brazil.

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